Amanuel Evangelical Church (Wageningen)




Welcome to the website of Amanuel Church.  It is our earnest prayer that you would be brought deeper into the joy and understanding of the Lord.  Our aim is to help you in this direction by the resources that we have made available to you.

The messages you will find on this site are not necessarily unique to us.  Several of these messages can be found on other, more well-known websites.  It is not our aim to be anything special or unique.  We are simply endeavoring to serve the people of God with the teaching of His glorious Word.

We are here because we believe that God is mighty to save and that the Gospel is the power of God unto the salvation of men.  The sermons and articles on this site are faithful to the Scriptures and the Gospel, have already been used by the Lord for the growth of His children, and, we believe, are especially needed in these days.  May the Lord be pleased to use these resources for the renewing of the mind of His bride.

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